recipe: gluten free garlic buns


I’ve noticed gluten-free bread products, unless you’re making toast, have texture issues. This can easily be resolved by further cooking the product to essentially dry out some of that spongy texture that is the calling card of gluten-free. Smearing some garlic butter on and grilling them not only will dry them out a bit, but add a world of flavor that will totally make you forget you’re not eating wheat! Follow this process for a perfect gluten-free bun every time.

Also, this recipe will work for any type of bun you may want or need, feel free to experiment!

gluten free buns

1 tbsp garlic butter per bun

1. If your buns are frozen, microwave them for 2 minutes; this seems like a lot of time, but you actually want to leave them in there a bit too long, to help dry out that spongy texture!

2. Next, heat up a skillet or frying pan over medium-high heat. Spread the garlic butter over the insides of the buns and grill them on the hot pan until golden and crispy.

3. Continue to use as required!


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