recipe: garlic confit

20151027_171704This, ladies and gentlemen, might just be the last garlic recipe you’ll ever need. Similar to roasted garlic, garlic confit are cloves that have been slowly simmered away in oil; the bonus to making confit garlic rather than roasted garlic is that you get all this delicious garlic-infused oil to play around with afterwards, in addition to the roasted cloves!

Use the cloves to spread over toast points for garlic bread; use them as a pizza topping; add to sauces, stir fries, pastas! Roast them and eat em like candy (yes, I do!)! As for the garlic oil, make a salad dressing; brush over bread for another take on garlic bread; or simply replace your usual cooking oil with it, for intoxicatingly garlicy creations every time!

Trust me, I can’t rave enough about this stuff. This is the only garlic in my house right now, and I use it for everything. It’s so easy and cheap to make, there’s really no excuse not to try it! You’ll wow everybody with your culinary skills & know-how. Go get em!

1 container peeled garlic cloves, or 3 bulbs garlic (if you want to do it the long way!)

grapeseed oil, to cover*

1. Peel the garlic cloves if you couldn’t find any pre-peeled ones, trying not to smoosh them in the process. Place in a saucepot and cover with the oil. Cook over medium-low heat so there is barely a simmer; actually what you want is to just see the occasional bubble rising up from the bottom of the pot. Let this go on for about 20 – 30 minutes, stirring occasionally and maintaining the temperature, until cloves are tender to the touch. Let cool, store in a resealable container, and refrigerate pretty much indefinitely.


– *I recommend grapeseed oil because it’s a relatively healthy oil, has a neutral taste, and unlike olive oil, won’t solidify when you put it in the fridge (which is where you’ll want to store your garlic confit). However, sunflower oil or even canola will also do the trick.


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