recipe: gluten free buffalo chicken sandwich



If there’s one thing I know my man really loves, it’s buffalo chicken. Wings, fingers, thighs, he doesn’t discriminate! And this sandwich aims to please, with homemade gluten free chicken fingers generously tossed in Louisiana hot sauce, topped with cheddar cheese and crispy bacon, all piled up in a gluten free bun. Let’s just say we had a moment of silence while we ate 😉

3 gluten free chicken fingers

1 gluten free garlic bun

1/3 c Louisiana hot sauce

cheddar cheese

2 pcs bacon

spinach or lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickled peppers, pickles, mayo, or any other accoutrements you desire

1. Make the chicken fingers from fresh, or reheat some of the ones you cleverly stowed away in your freezer when you made them last by baking at 450F for 10 minutes per side.

2. Crisp up the bacon slabs in a frying pan. Meanwhile, prepare your gluten free bun.

3. When the fingers are done, toss them in a bowl with the hot sauce til they’re well-covered. Place on the bottom of the bun, then top with the cheese, bacon, and other toppings, and devour instantly.




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