Welcome to my blog! My name is Gill (read: Jill) and I’m a 30-year-old ex-professional cook. I am a certified Red Seal cook (that’s Canadian for ‘Knows Her Stuff!’) with eleven years’ kitchen experience behind me. Due to an unfortunate workplace injury I am no longer able to return to the professional kitchens…. and so off I venture on my renegade quest to spill the dirty little secrets of the professional culinary world!

Allow me to teach you the tricks of the pros as you meander through leaked real restaurant secret recipes, personal creations, and handy tips & tricks! But more importantly, learn to cook using your five senses – smell, sight, sound, touch, and last but not least, taste! Because cooking is about more than just getting dinner on the table; it’s a dance with your creativity and your originality…. it’s about getting in touch with your instincts and using them to create phenomenal food!

Indulge, fellow foodie. You deserve it!

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2 thoughts on “About

  1. Późno siÄ™ robi – czas iść spać,ale ja jeszcze coÅ› muszÄ™ Wam dać:Dla Natalki buziole, uÅ›miechów tysiÄ…c,a dla rodziców spokoju – bo mogÄ™ przysiÄ…c,że dobrze bÄ™dzie z AnetkÄ… Kochani &#1pa8;za2ewni1m, że jestem myÅ›lami z Wami Wojtusiowe buziolki, uÅ›miechniÄ™te minki- dla CaÅ‚ej Rodzinki!!


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